Bringing Hope To Mexico, Together

COVID-19 has already impacted Mexican communities – depriving many families of income, food, and access to health services. As the pandemic unfolds, ICF’s local nonprofit partners are addressing these communities’ most critical needs now and long-term. Your support will allow us to continue to make weekly rapid response grants. Help us unite, inspire, and provide hope during this time of great uncertainty.

Support Now

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What Will Your Donation Help Provide?

►  Immediate needs such as emergency food relief, medical supplies and services, and protective/hygiene supplies.

► Support for local nonprofits facing lost revenue or unexpected operational costs related to the COVID19 pandemic.

► Resources to transition critical programs to digital/online formats (i.e. mental health, education, or legal services).

ICF has granted over $1 million COVID-19 rapid response grants to local nonprofits.

We've been working tirelessly for the last 30 years to improve quality of life and environment in Mexico and the Border Region. Our impact so far:

Since 1990, ICF has granted over $98.5 million to international causes, primarily in Mexico and Latin America.

Over 30 years, ICF has supported more than 300 nonprofits in Mexico and Latin America.

How Can You Help?

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