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Our donors support ICF because they want to inspire change in the world. But the reasons for supporting our cross-border foundation don’t stop there.

Giving overseas can be a complex and time-consuming process. Legal barriers and tax implications can make it difficult to ensure your donations comply with U.S. charitable giving regulations. And lack of information regarding overseas nonprofits can make it hard to determine whether your contributions will be used responsibly.

As your strategic philanthropy partner, ICF makes it easy to support the causes you care deeply about. We help you identify and implement tax-deductible donations that improve the quality of life for people in need. We streamline and simplify the process of giving overseas for U.S. donors, while eliminating the many obstacles that can get in the way. The result is a safe, secure and a complete grantmaking solution for our international donors.

With ICF, you can rest assured that your contributions will be legal, fully tax-deductible (where allowed), and will help to fund reputable, financially responsible overseas nonprofits that support the causes you are most passionate about.

The ICF Difference

With 25 years of grantmaking experience and an extensive network of nonprofit organizations and community foundations in the U.S. Baja California and the broader Latin America region, ICF provides international donors with several important benefits:

International Experience:

The ICF team consists of international development and nonprofit professionals who have lived and traveled throughout Latin America, with particular emphasis on the Baja California peninsula and the Gulf of California region. We offer unique cultural insights and first-hand knowledge of the communities, projects and programs we support.

Professional Grantmaking:

ICF has the experience and expertise to identify the most effective grantees in the fields of health, education, and environmental conservation. We research and develop grant strategies and recommend timely grantmaking opportunities to ensure your donations achieve maximum impact.

Full Tax Deductibility:

Because we qualify as a U.S. public charity, your contributions to ICF are eligible for the maximum allowable federal income tax deduction. Cash gifts through ICF allow you to give up to 50% of your adjusted gross income in a given year (versus 30% through a private foundation).

Due Diligence and Accountability:

ICF’s grant management policies ensure that your donations are properly used by the nonprofit organizations that receive them. We also provide annual financial and narrative reports to give our donors a proper accounting on the impact they have inspired.

Cost Effectiveness:

By establishing economies of scale in the communities we support, ICF can minimize administrative costs and maximize the percentage of your donations that directly fund the cause or project.



ICF takes the worry out of international charitable giving by maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct.


As a registered public charity in good standing, ICF adheres to best practices in charitable gifting, promoting transparency in its operations with full financial disclosure.

Donor Privacy:

ICF maintains a strict donor privacy policy to protect your information from unauthorized persons. All ICF staff, volunteers and board members sign confidentially agreements to protect donor interests.

Donor Peace of Mind:

Working with ICF allows you to focus on your passion, leaving us to handle the day-to-day administrative and legal complexities associated with managing an international grant.

How To Get Involved

From setting up your own fund to donating to an existing fund, ICF offers many different ways to support the causes you care about.

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