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H+ Hospital is one of Los Cabos’ newest hospitals. With a vision to expand access to quality care in the community, H+ has partnered with the International Community Foundation (ICF) and other local nonprofit partner organizations to create the Give+ Campaign. U.S. and Mexican donors, who are passionate about improving health and quality of life for all residents in Southern Baja, can support H+ Hospital and local groups to identify and provide care to individuals from the most vulnerable communities in the region. Through this campaign, the hospital provides reduced rates on essential lab work and testing, pro-bono services for special needs cases, and participates in coordinating medical care campaigns.

In 2017, thanks to the generosity of supporters of the Give+ Campaign, two very critical medical campaigns, Jornada Unidos de Corazón, were conducted.

At the start of the year, H+ Hospital joined forces with the nonprofit organization Corazón de Niño, A.C. (which identifies children in BCS in need of heart surgery), and their team of generous doctors, staff, and volunteers, were able to save the lives of 14 children. Cecy, Leslie, Kimberly, Blanca, Marisela, Juan Diego, Yerit, Emiliano, Lupita, Luis Eduardo, Daniela, Victor, Ruth and Emiliano were all born with a congenital heart disease, and thanks to this collaboration, they can now live normal lives.

In June, the second round of children’s heart surgeries took place. Once again, the team of doctors, Corazón de Niño, A.C., H+, Amigos de los Niños, A.C., and the all-important volunteers came together to provide critical medical care for 41 young people, including lifesaving surgeries for 21 BCS kids whose families lack the financial resources to pay for these complicated procedures.

Additionally, through the Give+ campaign, local nonprofit Red Autismo has accessed reduced rates for lab work and diagnostic testing, enabling them to better serve children with autism and their families in Los Cabos, BCS.

Support for the Give+ Campaign was featured in two internationally recognized community events this year, the Los Cabos Open of Surf and the Mexican Tennis Open- Los Cabos. Both events featured special Live Auctions to raise funds for the Give+ Campaign. Four of the children who received heart surgeries in the 2nd Jornada participated in the Tennis Open “Kids Day” and played with the Pros!

Providing a brighter future through much needed medical care is the goal. With continued support to Give+ more medical services and campaigns can be organized and performed for the well-being of those most in need.

If you would like to know more about this important Give+ Campaign and about making a U.S. tax deductible donation, please contact Alana Ortez, ICF’s Senior Program Officer, Health.

* This is a repost with permission from Destino Magazine

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