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As a leading international community foundation with over 100 partners, ICF generates significant local, regional and international media coverage. For the latest on our current events in Mexico and the cross-border region, click on the links below.

NEWS: ICF Funds Restoration of Iconic Monument in Baja California Sur

ICF Funds Restoration of Iconic Monument in Baja California Sur. Voice of San Diego Partner Voices by Sarah Beauchemin. The Southern California – Baja California mega-region has a long, shared history. But one aspect of our region’s communal past in particular served as a major link between Southern California and Baja for decades: Mining. (…) In order to assist with conservation, ICF has partnered with the Mexican nonprofit Corredor Histórico CAREM, A.C. (CAREM) to restore a true relic of Baja’s mining era: the “La Ramona” smokestack.

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NEWS: Saucer-sized spider discovered in Baja cave

In the hills of Baja, Michael Wall and Jim Berrian found a creature that’s the stuff of nightmare for most people — a cave spider nearly the size of a tarantula. For the two San Diego Natural History Museum researchers, it was an exciting windfall — an unknown arachnid as wide across as a softball. ICF is proud to support the SDNHM’s important bi-national research in Baja California.

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NEWS: Fighting Hunger in Los Cabos

Gringo Gazette, March 6, 2017. Gringo Gazette, March 6, 2017. Fighting Hunger in Los Cabos. Baja California Sur’s population is struggling with high rates of food insecurity, and the social, health and economic challenges that come with it. Joel Najera, the International Community Foundation’s Food Security Field Coordinator for BCS is leading an initiative to solve this problem.

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NEWS: Giving Back in Baja California Sur

Baja Citizen, February 28, 2017. International Community Foundation Working in Baja California Sur. Many of the expats who have chosen La Paz as our part-time or full-time home are eager to give back to our adopted community. But we don’t always know where to start. Fortunately, the International Community Foundation (ICF) has over 25 years of experience serving as a bridge between donors and over 70 Mexican nonprofit organizations working to make our region more healthy, stable, and sustainable.

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NEWS: Caras-Mexico: Pablo Sainz Villegas & Music Beyond Borders

Caras-Mexico, February 2017. Profile of Pablo Sáinz Villegas, a globally renowned classical guitarist and founder of The Music Without Borders Legacy (MWBL) Fund whose mision is to bring music and art to at-risk children and youth for their personal and emotional development. So far, MWBL has brought classical music to more than 9,000 children and has funded six different music programs in schools in Tijuana, Mexico.

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NEWS: From Water Quality to Whales, ICF’s Donors Protect the Beauty of Baja

Running along Mexico’s west coast for nearly 800 miles, the Baja Peninsula – named “the world’s aquarium” by the famous biologist Jacques Cousteau – is a testament to the beauty of nature.But like all regions on Earth, maintaining and protecting the beauty of Baja requires substantial time and resources. The International Community Foundation (ICF) – a non-profit committed to improving the quality of life for communities throughout Baja, Mexico, and Latin America – has been a recognized leader in these important conservation efforts for the past 25 years.

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NEWS: Mobile Colposcopy Tool Tested in Tijuana

Tijuana Press, January 2017. Médicos de Tijuana trabajan con un invento, que adherido a un teléfono celular podría convertirse en una útil herramienta en el combate al cáncer cervicouterino en poblaciones con difícil acceso a los servicios de salud. Doctors in Tijuana are using a mobile device to combat cervical cancer in Tijuana.

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