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As a leading international community foundation with over 100 partners, ICF generates significant local, regional and international media coverage. For the latest on our current events in Mexico and the cross-border region, click on the links below.

NEWS: A call to help Haitians in Tijuana

Article published October 6, 2016, The San Diego Union Tribune by Sandra Dibble. “The National City-based International Community Foundation is raising funds to provide food and shelter to Haitians who have come to Tijuana in hopes of entering the United States. The foundation aims to raise about $300,000 to help meet their needs. About $25,000 to $30,000 of the funds would be used to expand the capacity of Desayunador Salesiano Padre Chava, a center near the U.S. border that has sheltered and fed many Haitians in recent months. Another $270,000 would feed 300 people for 90 days.”

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NEWS: ICF Co-Sponsors Inaugural Gastronomical Festival in El Triunfo, BCS

On November 19th, 2016, ICF co-sponsored the 1st Annual El Triunfo Gastroeconomic Festival in Baja California Sur to raise funds for the restoration of historic La Ramona smokestack. The Festival was a great success with 250+ attendees. Read more in The Baja Citizen and BCS Noticias articles, and learn how to Adopt-A-Brick for the restoration work set to begin in January 2017.

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NEWS: Dulce Wireless Tijuana Study Published in Mexican Media

A Press Conference co-sponsored by Qualcomm Wireless Reach was held in Mexico City on August 31, 2016 to announce the results and next steps of the Dulce Wireless Tijuana Study. As of September 12, 2016, a total of 25 articles were published about the study and numerous television clips were aired.

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NEWS: TOMORROW IS A LONG TIME: Tijuana’s unchecked HIV/AIDS epidemic

As Featured on BuzzFeed and now for purchase on iBook
For two years, Photographer Malcolm Linton and writer Jon Cohen documented the stories of people who are at risk or living with HIV/AIDS in Mexico’s border city of Tijuana. The result is their beautiful, haunting book, “Tomorrow Is A Long Time – Tijuana’s Unchecked HIV/AIDS Epidemic”.

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NEWS: Lawyers, Guns and Money: Gold Mining and Biodiversity in the Biosphere Reserve

As Featured on Page 12 of Journal del Pacifico-Summer 2016
When Dr. Sula Vanderplank and Dr. Benjamin Wilder, through The Next Generation Sonoran Desert Researchers, approached ICF to finance a biodiversity assessment of the Arroyo La Junta area in the Sierra foothills–where the Mexican government had authorized the Los Cardones gold mining project–we knew it was the right next step.

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NEWS: The Todos Santos Music Festival

As Featured in The San Diego Union Tribune
The Todos Santos Music Festival was created by Peter Buck of REM and brought to life by The Hotel California to add music to the long list of artistic endeavors hosted in this Pueblo Magico in Baja California Sur, Mexico…

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As Featured on Page 20 in The Baja Citizen
On the night of September 14th, 2014, just a little over a year ago, Hurricane Odile made landfall near Cabo San Lucas, and wreaked havoc as it made its way up the peninsula…

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