Breaking Barriers

In today’s Mexican society, deep-seated prejudices can cost LGBTQIA+ youth their lives.  Together with our local partners we are breaking down the barriers to mental health services and strengthening organizations in their mission to create inclusive communities throughout Mexico.
It Gets Better Mexico
 - join us in preventing LGBTQIA+ youth suicide in Mexico.

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$35,000 to support the construction of an LGBTQIA+ safe space/migrant shelter and community center, as well as their ongoing education and legal service programs for marginalized migrant groups in Tijuana.

Espacio Migrante, A.C.

We've been working in Mexico and the Border Region for nearly 30 years. When you donate to ICF, you are supporting a robust network of civil society organizations driving positive change in Mexico. Here's how we've made a difference

$41,713 to help SETAC advance its mission of eradicating HIV and other sexually transmitted infections in Jalisco’s coastal region and Banderas Bay, Nayarit, through education and behavior modification that encourages responsible sexual health decisions.

Solidaridad Ed. Thomas, A.C (SETAC)

It Gets Better & It Starts With Us

Your donation will help us make strides in LGBTQIA+ youth suicide prevention. Add your support to the movement as we empower the social sector at the local level to push for lasting change. We can't do it without you!

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In Mexico Today:

►  46% of students face job discrimination based on their sexual orientation or gender identity.

30% of LGBTQIA+ individuals face discrimination by family members, in school, while using public transportation, in hospitals, and while walking in the streets.

► Between 30-40% of transgender individuals are denied housing.

► 1 in 5 people with non-normative gender identities surveyed by Mexico’s National Human Rights Comission have attempted suicide.

What Will Your Donation Help Make Possible?

In alliance with It Gets Better México, ICF is responding to this challenge head-on by building the capacity of civil society organizations working to foster healthy, inclusive communities throughout Mexico.

This campaign will make the following initiatives possible:

 Increasing access within LGBTQIA+  communities to physical and mental health services

 Increasing awareness of It Gets Better Mexico Hora Segura (Safe Hour) program

 Building local networks of support

 Lowering the suicide rates of LGBTQIA+ youth

How Can You Help?