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Cabo Pulmo attracts tourists, surfers, and scuba divers from around the world and for good reason: it’s home to the largest coral reef in the Gulf of California. In fact, if you’ve ever traveled to Cabo San Lucas to behold the marine life, you likely have been to Cabo Pulmo — where most tours take visitors to snorkel.

But while much of the region is protected as a national park, Cabo Pulmo is still threatened by rapid developments which pose serious risks to the marine environment and its native creatures. Unless we work to protect this area, degradation could disrupt the greater ecosystem of the east coast of Baja California.

Fortunately, that’s where the Cabo Pulmo Vivo Coalition comes in.

What is the Cabo Pulmo Vivo Coalition?

The Cabo Pulmo Vivo Coalition works to strengthen the management and preservation of Cabo Pulmo National Park.

The coalition is comprised of non-governmental organizations, citizens, scholars, researchers, and community members. While members come from a variety of backgrounds, they share the passion to conserve and protect the marine ecosystem and cultural heritage of their beloved Cabo Pulmo.

The group supports sustainable development that allows the region to progress without putting the reef and its ecosystem in peril. They operate in cooperation with the local government and stakeholder corporations, taking legal action to prevent the authorization of new projects and bringing awareness to the benefits of protecting the region.

Why We Need to Protect Parque Nacional Cabo Pulmo

Cabo Pulmo has seen an increase in tourism development proposals. While the Cabo Pulmo Vivo Coalition does support tourism and economic opportunities, it firmly believes that the precious reef and surrounding area must be protected for the sake of the people and wildlife that call this remarkable place home.

The local residents of Cabo Pulmo need access to a protected marine ecosystem. Not only does the marine ecosystem contribute to food security in the region, but the coral reef brings in a tremendous amount of tourism. Preserving the reef and the entire national park in turn brings more stability to the people who make their lives — and livelihoods — there. Snorkel guides, dive guides, and equipment rental companies all rely on the reef ito keep their businesses thriving.

The lifestyle of the Cabo Pulmo community wouldn’t be possible without protection for the environment of this region. Coral reefs are home to a quarter of all marine species. These creatures serve as a food source for larger sea life, and certain algae even act as a natural cleaning agent for the coral and other essential life in the sea. Migratory species like sharks, whales and sea turtles will only return to a clean and safe marine area, while birds and other native land creatures — which are vital to the local ecosystem — need pristine beaches to survive.

Without responsible development strategies, the Cabo Pulmo marine area will be afflicted by destruction, such as chemical exposure, water pollution, loss of wildlife and so much more.

How You Can Get Involved

You don’t have to move to Baja and join the coalition to help protect the coral reef and marine ecosystem of Cabo Pulmo.

If you want to contribute to the important conservation work of the Cabo Pulmo Vivo Coalition, you can make a tax-deductible donation to the East Cape Strategic Action Fund through the International Community Foundation (ICF).

The East Cape Strategic Action Fund aims to maintain the stunning beauty of the Cabo Pulmo region and protect the people and animals who live in this incredible area. With ICF’s support, this fund is helping to advance environmental conservation in Cabo Pulmo, and to increase public awareness and participation in the region’s land use decisions.

Make a donation to the East Cape Strategic Action Fund now and help the Cabo Pulmo Vivo Coalition protect this special area well into the future.


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