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Staff Members
Yamilett K. Carrillo Guerrero, Director, Nonprofit Innovation and Performance
Dr. Yamilett Carrillo has worked on restoration projects within multi-disciplinary and cross-cultural frameworks in Northern Mexico since 1998. Her scientific research focuses on the link between agricultural water use and the restoration of riparian forests and marshes in the trans-border region of Mexico and the US. She began working at ICF in November 2015 and her work entails full responsibility for developing the operations of the Colorado River Delta Water Trust and working with the Trust´s board and technical committee. The CRD Water Trust is a binational collaborative that combines the forces of four NGOs from both the U.S. and Mexico to dedicate instream flows for river restoration.

Dr. Carrillo´s expertise in the linkages between water markets and wetland restoration in arid lands has given her the opportunity to publish articles in scientific journals as well as to participate as an advisor to the Mexican delegation who negotiated “Minute 319” of the US-Mexico International Water Treaty. She currently participates in the Environmental Group under CILA/IBWC framework for Minute 32x negotiations.

Dr. Carrillo has a B. A. in Economics and a Ph.D in Renewable Natural Resources with emphasis in Soil, Water and Environmental Sciences.

She loves exploring nature, especially scuba diving in Baja Sur and camping at US Natural Parks. Her passion though, is bringing rivers back to life.

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