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Fundación El Peñón’s COVID-19 Response

by | Jul 29, 2020

Fundación El Peñón is an educational Institution with more than 50 years of experience, focused on the training of high school and high school youth.

Our mission is essentially to support families with limited resources from various communities in the State of Morelos and Puebla.

Today more than ever they need our help, because the pandemic has brought about a series of very profound physical and technological changes, which will force the school facilities to transform on the fly and in a very short time.

We have provided computers to some High School and Baccalaureate students from the towns of Temoac, Hueyapan, Huitchililla, Axochiapan, Tetelilla, Amayuca, Chalcatzingo, Jonacatepec, San Marcos and Zacualpan de Amilpas, in the State of Morelos, so that young people can take their classes on a regular basis with the tools needed to continue studying despite the circumstances.

We invite you to contribute so that together, we can form a solidarity fund that allows us to face the challenges of the new normality. Such as the creation of classrooms to maintain distance, keep facilities sanitized all the time, obtain protective equipment for students and teachers, but above all, to continue contributing with scholarships so that students do not stop their education.

You too can be a crucial part in the formation of good people, and this solidarity fund would not be possible without your help.

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