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Over the past 30 years, ICF has developed unparalleled knowledge of and relationships in Mexico and Latin America. Our efforts are creating lasting improvements in education, health and the environment that result in a stronger civil society, better-protected marine and terrestrial ecosystems, healthier communities, and more effective education systems.

Meaningful Giving with Community Grants in Four Program Areas

To maximize our impact, ICF focuses our philanthropy in Mexico on community grants in the following areas:


At ICF, we believe that keeping students in school will change Mexico’s future. That’s why we actively support programs that help young people in Mexico and Latin America to stay engaged in school through scholarships. In addition, ICF supports many educational enrichment interventions including after school programs, libraries, and meal programs. Learn more


Held and managed by ICF on behalf of an international nonprofit organization, these funds can be established as a non-endowment or an endowment fund to promote an organization’s long-term sustainability. Learn more


Mexico, the Baja California peninsula and Sea of Cortez region are blessed with an incredibly rich and diverse environment. ICF supports programs designed to protect and preserve our valuable natural resources for future generations. Learn more

Cross-cutting Initiatives:
Some of ICF’s grants and special project funding don’t fit neatly into the above three categories. Food security, environmental health, and environmental education are a few of the programs that ICF is tackling through research, convening, pilot projects, and grantmaking. Learn more
Past Initiatives

Throughout our 30-year history, ICF has engaged in a variety of programs to support the environment, migration, health and education.

Current Initiatives
From preserving gray whale breeding habitats in Laguna San Ignacio to investing in after-school youth activities in Tijuana, ICF’s team is leading a number of critical interventions in Baja California peninsula and Sea of Cortez region. These initiatives are funded by ICF donors and partners and implemented by both ICF staff and local nonprofit organizations.
Future Initiatives
Our future includes you. To see some of the new initiatives that ICF plans to launch in the coming years…

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