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The Rainbow Shining Through the Clouds: A New Day for LGBT Rights in Mexico

by | Nov 14, 2019

Mexico, like every country, is full of contradictions. It is a place of openness, of hospitality and warmth, where neighbors share meals and stories together, and the sense of solidarity with one’s community is etched into the social fabric.

And yet today, despite decades of progress and shifting cultural values, this same warm and welcoming society continues to keep the door to opportunity closed to many. In 2019, Mexico is still grappling with deep-seated prejudices that negatively impact the lives of millions who identify as LGBTQIA+. Long-standing discrimination and intolerance against LGBTQIA+ individuals in Mexico prevent the inception of a vibrant social sector and impact all aspects of life, from job discrimination to housing opportunities.

According to a study by the Executive Commission of Attention to Victims and the Rainbow Foundation, 50% of Mexicans with non-normative gender identities have experienced harassment in the workplace, 46% of students face discrimination in educational institutions, and street harassment towards LGBT individuals remains a pertinent issue. These facts and figures lead us to the most troubling issue, one that requires urgent attention:

1 in 5 persons identifying as LGBTQIA+ have attempted suicide, as found by Mexico’s National Human Rights Commission.

On December 3rd, the International Community Foundation will launch its #GivingTuesday campaign in alliance with It Gets Better México to support the Rainbow Fund. This fund aims to meet the challenge posed by discrimination by building the capacity of civil society organizations working to foster healthy, inclusive communities throughout Mexico.

This partnership between the go-to international grantmaker in the region and the Mexican chapter of the successful It Gets Better campaign will fight to put an end to the alarming suicide statistics, specifically among LGBT youth in Mexico, through the following initiatives:

  • Increased access within LGBTQIA+ communities to physical and mental health services
  • Increased awareness of It Gets Better Mexico Hora Segura (Safe Hour) program
  • Building comprehensive local networks of support through community activists
  • Lowering the suicide rates of LGBTQIA+ youth in Mexico, where 50% have experienced thoughts of suicide*

*Mexican National Human Rights Commission

This approach to empowering local organizations to lift up their community is well-practiced by ICF,  an organization that has driven positive change  in the region for over 30 years.

Here’s how we’ve made a difference so far:

  • Espacio Migrante, A.C.

$35,000 to support the construction of an LGBTQIA+ safe space/migrant shelter and community center, as well as their ongoing education and legal service programs for marginalized migrant groups in Tijuana.

  • Solidaridad Ed. Thomas, A.C (SETAC)

$41,713 to help and assist LGBTQIA+ individuals who have faced any kind of danger that may jeopardize their life in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.

This upcoming Giving Tuesday, after giving thanks for the loved ones blessings in our lives, join us in lending a hand to those who are opening the door to inclusive societies everywhere and are welcoming a new day for LGBTQIA+ rights in Mexico.

Interested in supporting the efforts of the Rainbow Fund? Donate HERE

Donate: Rainbow Fund

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