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by | Dec 20, 2016

On behalf of the ICF Team thank you for your support of the international communities that ICF has invested in this year! Together we are producing inspired change in these regions. We hope you will join us in 2017! Last year at this time, we announced a few big targets. Here is a snapshot of how we did:

  • Goal: Increase grantmaking by 10% over FY15 to $7.2 million. 
    • We granted over $7.5 million to 143 organizations in Mexico and around the world.
  • Goal: Build on 15 years of community investments in Laguna San Ignacio through housing and education support.
    • Our team is working closely with Ejido Luis Echeverria and local community residents to identify 6-8 community development projects that we can jointly finance. These projects will help keep the “wilderness magic” of Laguna San Ignacio intact; to prove it, we invite you to join us on a Donor Visit to see the gray whales in February 2017!
  • Goal: Seek new opportunities to improve health care access and diagnostic statistics in 2016 in our border region. 
    • ICF initiated two (2) large-scale health interventions in 2016 – a dengue/zika eradication program in Mexico and a cancer registry for Baja California Sur. These are very promising, ongoing opportunities to truly impact the health of the region.
    • ICF celebrated the peer-reviewed publication of our Dulce Wireless Tijuana study to improve Type 1 diabetes results in Tijuana. The results were significant and the program is ready for replication in other parts of Mexico. You can read about it in 20+ Mexican media outlets, many posted on our website.
  • Goal: Expand ICF’s education program in 2016 to help more Mexican students stay in school, reach high school graduation, and acquire necessary skills for the “21st century economy.”
    • We partnered with Enseña por Mexico, modeled after Teach for America, to bring five (5) education fellows to Baja California Sur for two years in elementary, secondary, and high schools in La Paz – a $60,000 investment for ICF. These fellows will work with a larger cohort in 25 schools – a program that ICF hopes to replicate throughout the region in the coming years.

These highlights are the result of a dynamic, motivated team of professionals at ICF and all the partnerships and networks they leverage to achieve project, program, and community-level success. In 2017, ICF will build on the work described above, but also invest in food security, workforce development, and community monitoring of water and air quality.  You can read more about these initiatives in the attached Annual Report.

With gratitude and appreciation, Happy Holidays!

A Gift from Us to You!

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