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Capacity Building for Nonprofits: Helping Them Thrive

Successful grantmaking involves more than just providing money to nonprofit foundations and community organizations. In addition to providing capacity building grants, ICF works directly with our grantees and partner organizations to improve their abilities to create meaningful change in Mexico and Latin America. Through our capacity building programs, we help our grantees get the most out of their limited resources, so they can become more effective at improving their communities.


Using Your Contributions To Inspire Change

Capacity building is fundamentally about improving organizational effectiveness. For nonprofit organizations, this can include everything from professional development for staff and board members to opportunities for peer learning, improving fund raising capabilities, and more. Through coaching, training, workshops, seminars and online learning opportunities, ICF helps our grantees build capacity in the following areas:

Financial management:

Financial transparency and proper oversight are essential for nonprofits. ICF works with our partner grantees to build financially stable organizations while ensuring that all grant budgets are properly created, managed, and funded. Our grantmaking experts also provide coaching on how to navigate the complex tax regulations involved in international grantmaking.

Technical training and expertise:

To build stronger communities, ICF’s team of international development and nonprofit professionals can provide training and expertise in environmental, education and health and welfare issues. When specific subject matter experience is not available in-house, we can connect grantees with our extensive network of consultants and expert academic advisors from top universities throughout the U.S. and Mexico.

Research and consulting:

Through programmatic research and special project development, ICF helps other foundations improve their programming in order to use their resources more effectively. Our consulting services include commissioning and disseminating new scientific data, evaluating and monitoring existing projects, recommending philanthropic investments, and more.


Successful fundraising is a critical activity for any nonprofit organization. ICF works with our grantees to develop and implement best practices to expand their donor base and raise the funds needed to make an impact in their communities.

When you contribute to ICF, you can have confidence that the organizations you support are getting the coaching, training and technical support to ensure that your money is truly making a difference in the communities you care about.

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