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Donor-Advised Funds: Giving You Flexibility and Control

A Donor-Advised Fund is a charitable giving vehicle administered by a public charity like ICF. Created for the purpose of managing charitable donations on behalf of an individual, family or company, it provides an easy, cost-effective way to support the causes you are passionate about in Mexico.
International Grantmaking
Conducting your international grantmaking through an ICF Donor-Advised Fund provides several advantages:
Strategic direction from experienced ICF program staff:
With a Donor-Advised Fund, you are assured access to ICF’s program team to answer questions, make recommendations, and discuss timely issues.
Immediate tax advantages:
When making a charitable contribution to your Donor-Advised Fund, you immediately receive the maximum U.S. tax deduction the IRS allows. You may also qualify for capital gains and estate tax benefits.

ICF offers a very competitive fee schedule for managing the money and grants that go to our international nonprofit recipients.

> Download Our Donor-Advised Fee Schedule

A Donor-Advised Fund serves as an easy-to-establish alternative to direct giving or creating a private foundation.
Administrative convenience:

ICF manages all the administrative aspects of the fund, and directs your donations to the appropriate international organizations based on your recommendations.

Two Types of Donor- Advised Funds

Depending on your personal goals, Donor-Advised Funds can be either endowed or non-endowed.


Endowment funds:

These funds guarantee that your philanthropic vision will benefit future generations by offering ongoing financial security for your favorite charitable cause or social issue in Mexico. Fund assets are invested to generate income. However only a portion of the income is spent, with the remainder adding to principal growth.

Non-Endowment funds:

These funds help support nonprofits outside the U.S. while offering timely operational support for programmatic initiatives. Unlike an endowment fund, a non-endowment fund does not operate in perpetuity. Assets generated by the gifts to the fund are neither permanent nor invested.
Setting Up a Donor-Advised Fund
Donor-Advised Funds may be established by individuals or couples. Groups of friends can come together to established Donor-Advised committee Funds. ICF also offers Donor-Advised corporate Funds to companies that want to inspire change in the communities and regions where they operate internationally.

A Donor-Advised Fund can be established with a minimum $5,000 contribution. Once you establish your fund, you can continue to add to it anytime, receiving tax benefits with each new gift.

To speak with our philanthropy advisors about setting up a Donor-Advised Fund, or to get more information on how these funds work, contact: Lety Martínez,

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