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Agency / “Friends of” Funds: Making Giving Easier for You

Inspired Change in Your Community

For international nonprofit organizations, bringing about inspired change in your community depends on the generosity of your donors. One of the most effective ways for non-U.S. nonprofit organizations to increase global giving from their U.S. donors is to establish an agency or “Friends of” Fund with a U.S. public foundation like ICF.


An Agency or “Friends of” Fund is a fund held and fiscally managed by ICF on behalf of a nonprofit organization located outside of the U.S. Opening a “Friends of” Fund account with ICF offers several important advantages:

Provides a U.S. tax deduction to your donors.

Eliminates the need for your nonprofit organization to establish itself as a 501(c)3 nonprofit in the U.S.

Broadens your organizational reach to attract new donors. You can legally use your “Friends of” Fund to solicit support from U.S. donors in all 50 states.

Enables your organization to tap into a dedicated group of staff, volunteer leaders and donors that are committed to inspiring change in Mexico and Latin America.

Helps your organization reach its short- and long-term goals, both programmatically and operationally.

There is no minimum limit for a contribution to an agency/“Friends of” Fund, which allows you to attract donors of all sizes.

Establishing / Donating to a “Friends of” Fund

For international nonprofit organizations:

ICF offers a very competitive fee schedule for managing gifts and grants for our international nonprofit partners.

> Download Our Friends of Fund Fee Schedule

For donors:

If you would like to contribute to a “Friends of” Fund, visit our Giving Pages to view the full list of 100+ Funds or contact Anne McEnany at to discuss other opportunities.

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