A teacher calls on a student as they raise their hand
A teacher calls on a student as they raise their hand

An Educational Snapshot of Mexico [INFOGRAPHIC]

Education has steadily improved in Mexico over the years. Nevertheless, when the country’s statistics are compared with those of other nations, it’s clear that more still needs to be done.

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The number of Mexican students skyrocketed from 3 million in 1950 to 32 million in 2011, and continues to grow. This is in large part due to the country’s population explosion.

Despite being the 15th-largest world economy and spending 5% of its GDP on education, Mexico has corruption issues that prevent real gains in the education system.

15% of per capita GDP is spent on Mexican elementary school children

17% of per capita GDP is spent on Mexican high school students

This is lower than in every other OECD country except Turkey. But:

46% of per capita GDP is spent on Mexicans in higher education, which is well above the OECD average.

Only 62% of Mexican children reach high school and just 45% finish high school, compared to 75% of American students who receive a high school diploma.

Not only do many Mexicans miss out on higher education, but they also struggle with unemployment. One in five 15 to 29 year olds is out of school and unemployed.

1 in 10 young men are neither in education nor in employment, compared to 3 in 10 young women.

There is also a stark difference between Mexico’s numbers and the average figures for other OECD nations.

Let’s Make More Change!

More children than ever are attending school in Mexico. However, the Mexican education system still needs more. At ICF, we’re helping Mexican people get the same opportunities available in other large world economies. Find out how you can get involved.

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