How COVID-19 has impacted food security in Northern Baja California

The International Community Foundation (ICF) has continuously collaborated with nonprofit organizations and kitchen communities to bring fresh and healthy meals to the most vulnerable populations in Tijuana, Ensenada, and Mexicali. During the beginning of the pandemic, more than 45% of Tijuana residents lost their jobs and businesses, leading to an increased demand of food security. The negative impacts to Mexico’s economy lead to an increase in food prices. 

The most affected community members are single mothers, children, indigenous groups, refugees, and migrants. Currently, more than 40% of Tijuana residents are living under food insecurity conditions. Many of these residents do not have a job, have been laid off or had their hours cut or are earning low wages that are not sufficient to purchase a meal that is nutritious and healthy. 

In a survey completed by more than 20 nonprofit organizations across Tijuana, they reported that more than 95% of the communities they serve are experiencing food insecurity. These organizations are struggling to cope with the increased demand due to their inability to secure steady and consistent donations of fresh food. They are depending so much on donations from food banks, food markets, businesses, and companies that provide food that only last for a day or two are are low in nutrition value. A recent article from the San Diego Union Tribune on food security echoes the need of greater civic involvement to help organizations like Desarrollo Integral de la Familia (DIF) and the Banco de Alimentos de Tijuana, which have a higher number of community members needing a despensa or a meal for their families. 

ICF is committed to continue working with local nonprofit organizations with a goal of bringing fresh and healthy foods or meals to those who live in vulnerable communities. Your donations are vital for these communities like Fuerza del Tazon, Comedor Padre Chava, Banco de Alimenos de Tijuana y Ensenada, Casa del Migrante and other nonprofits that are in much need. 

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