Young teens study for job training
Young teens study for job training

Help Give Tijuana Youth an Occupational Head Start

The youth of Tijuana in Baja California, Mexico are at the heart of the community; they’re the ones who will guide future development and growth for the region, but their path forward is littered with obstacles. For these young and ambitious individuals to thrive, they need access to opportunities that are still grievously limited within Tijuana.

The Órale Youth Employability Program by Fronteras Unidas Pro Salud is designed to deliver new opportunities to would-be students in the 32 communities of Tijuana, where education and career options are minimal even for the most motivated of students.

For the next generation of Tijuana, the Órale Youth Employability Program can light the way to a brighter future through customized job placements and a high-quality curriculum of role-preparation programs. The seven-day-a-week workshop includes lessons on everything from proper nutrition practices to communication skills.

Supporting Today’s Youth to Build Tomorrow’s Communities

In recent years, Tijuana youth have struggled to access what they need to grow economically and professionally. Currently, there are more than 43,000 adolescents in Tijuana not involved with work, training, or school projects. The program aims to change this.

Since it opened its doors in 2014, Pro Salud has established a reputation for delivering helpful, high-quality solutions to youth in search of chances for education and employment. The driving force behind the organization is the knowledge that many adolescents struggle to find motivation and drive if they don’t feel they have a bright potential future to strive toward. These new programs help to get individuals back on track towards a career and a plan they can be proud of.

Before coming to Tijuana, the Órale program saw success in Ciudad Juarez, where it was implemented by the International Youth Foundation to equip young people with the soft skills and employability training required to excel in job interviews. The program doesn’t just deliver powerful life skills — it also introduces health guidance and expertise to give young people the holistic guidance they need to thrive in the future.

A Proven Model for Youth Empowerment

The unique nature of the Pro Salud Órale program comes from its inherently youth-friendly delivery. Students conduct hands-on tasks and participate in peer-to-peer mentorship programs to help them form new connections built on trust with others in the community. Pro Salud hopes not only to set the path for employment opportunities for Tijuana’s youth, but also to provide them with the support, self-esteem, and confidence they need for comprehensive good health throughout their adult lives.

It’s been three years since the Fronteras Unidas Pro Salud group embraced the Órale model, and the impact has been clear. Of the 730 youth involved in the program, 81% have returned to school or secured employment, while 84% have graduated. Today, the graduates work in some of the most reliable companies in Tijuana, including Samsung, Hyundai, and Walmart. This is thanks to the focus on job skills that fit the community.

To help connect graduates to new opportunities, Pro Salud hosts job fairs towards the end of its training program, where students of the program can network with potential employers and build relationships for the future.

The positive impact reaches beyond just the students; the 100+ companies who participate in the program see benefits, as well. Follow-up research into the program shows that around 94% of employers feel positive about their decision to hire an Órale graduate, while 88% say they’re satisfied with the employee’s performance.

We Need Supporters to Help Tijuana Youth Succeed

While the impact of the program is great, ensuring it can continue year after year isn’t easy. Because the program runs on community support, funding is desperately needed to ensure that this training opportunity continues to transform the lives of Tijuana youth.

The results of the Órale Youth Employability program speak for themselves. Not only do we see the vast majority of its students finding new opportunities for education and employment, but the wider Mexican economy is gaining a new generation of dedicated and passionate workers. On top of that, many Órale graduates come out of their training better prepared to cope with the challenges of adult life. If it weren’t for the generosity of community donors, life changing programs like this wouldn’t be able to exist.

With your support, we can give a fighting chance to another 480 young people within Baja California in 2018. Your donation could be the boost that drives Tijuana into a positive and lucrative future — the kind of future we want all of our children to feel is within their reach.

Donate today and make a difference.


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