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NEWS: ICF Funds Restoration of Iconic Monument in Baja California Sur

Jun 6, 2017

ICF Funds Restoration of Iconic Monument in Baja California Sur. Voice of San Diego Partner Voices by Sarah Beauchemin. The Southern California – Baja California mega-region has a long, shared history. But one aspect of our region’s communal past in particular served as a major link between Southern California and Baja for decades: Mining. Throughout the 19th century, precious metals mining in Baja produced a robust economy not only for its own citizens, but also for Americans. American companies, many based in California, invested in Baja mining operations. As such, mining connected communities across the border – both culturally and economically – helping to lay the groundwork for the shared mega-region we enjoy today (…). In order to assist with conservation, ICF has partnered with the Mexican nonprofit Corredor Histórico CAREM, A.C. (CAREM) to restore a true relic of Baja’s mining era: the “La Ramona” smokestack.  Read the full article

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