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Cross-Cutting Initiatives: Tackling Complex Social Challenges

Putting Your Dollars to Work: Special Initiatives
Over the past 25 years of successful grantmaking, special initiatives, and on-the-ground results, ICF has worked hard to improve the quality of life in the Baja California peninsula and Sea of Cortez region.
Some of our cross-cutting efforts include initiatives involving food security in Mexico and environmental education.
Southern Baja Food Security Initiative:
ICF is committed to achieving the highest level of health for all people. Sadly in Baja California Sur (BCS), a land of abundance and wealth, a 2013 community survey in La Paz and Los Cabos found that approximately 50% of all families lack financial access to fresh food. In 2016 ICF responded to this issue by teaming up with governmental and nonprofit partners, including Raíz de Fondo and the BCS Secretariat of Social Development to pilot a demonstration garden and nutrition education program at two local food kitchens in La Paz and Cabo San Lucas.

In 2017, ICF plans to build on the success of this pilot to expand to four additional sites. Meanwhile, ICF has been laying the groundwork for the creation of a Food Bank and Food Rescue Program in Los Cabos, which will distribute fresh fruits and vegetables gleaned from the fields of local producers, and prepared foods from restaurants and hotels in the area, to the families most in need. Help us bridge this gap!

> Download Food Security Fact Sheet

Environmental Health Research:
ICF is embarking on an effort to engage experts in the environmental protection and health fields to gain a deeper understanding of the linkages of exposure to toxic chemicals (specifically in agriculture) and the increased rates of cancer in our region of focus. In this initiative we will:

Assess the need at the community level

Establish a plan for researching the topic

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