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Environment Philanthropy: Protecting Our Planet and Creating Sustainable Futures

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ICF has been involved in the most important marine conservation and terrestrial and habitat protection projects of the past 15 years in the Gulf of California, Meso-American Reef and the Eastern Pacific Tropics. We will continue to focus on high-priority sites in coastal, marine, and terrestrial areas of high biodiversity and native species to protect and conserve the ecological integrity of Mexico and Latin America. 

 We will continue our work in 1) Increasing access to clean, potable, safe, and recreational water for all communities and marine life; 2) Restoring and Stewarding the sustainable management of the biodiversity of wild lands; 3) Strengthening meaningful involvement of communities in the development & implementation of environmental laws, regulations, zoning and policies. 

Putting Your Dollars to Work: Special initiatives

Waterkeepers of Baja California Fund

The Waterkeepers of Baja California Fund supports a regional collaborative of ten individuals (Waterkeepers) positioned at local organizations working throughout the Baja peninsula to organize efforts around clean water and healthy communities. Collectively, they monitor over 75 watersheds and coastal areas for bacteria and pollutants that may pose public health risksAdditionally, they build resilience in their communities by leading workshops, beach cleanups, youth leadership programs, illegal fishing surveillance and lead efforts to restore and protect watershed ecosystems. Strengthening their work helps to shape future environmental policy and behavior in this incredibly biologically diverse region. Watch and learn more about their work from Hector Trinidad, the Loreto Coastkeeper, and Margarita Diaz, the Tijuana Waterkeeper. Donate here! 

Terra Peninsular Fund

Terra Peninsular is a Mexican nonprofit dedicated to conserving Baja California’s biodiversity. They work hard to conserve the vast stretches of pristine landscapes in the Peninsula with the goal of ensuring that these important habitats and the species they support are protected for future generations. Aware that the flora, fauna and landscapes present in the Baja Peninsula are unique in the world and of global importance to many species, our conservation efforts have a solid scientific basis to ensure that future generations can enjoy this natural heritage. One of their greatest achievements was in protecting over 130,000 acres throughout the peninsula, which includes the protection of certified nature reserves, coastal wetlands and sites of importance to migratory birds. Donate here! 


In 2005, ICF, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Pronatura Noroeste A.C. and Wildcoast/Costasalvaje joined forces with local communities to form the Laguna San Ignacio Conservation Alliance. The goal of the Alliance is to provide permanent protection for Laguna San Ignacio and its gray whales through protecting key lands, promoting sustainable economic development, and monitoring and removing threats. If you would like to experience the magic of petting a whale in this beautiful place with us, please contact for information. Download the LSI Fund Fact Sheet! 


As the state capital, commercial hub, and tourism center, La Paz is growing fast and struggling to deliver basic services, create employment opportunities, and protect the local environment. In 2011, ICF worked with the Municipality of La Paz and the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to include La Paz in the first cohort of cities in IDB’s new “Emerging Sustainable Cities” initiative. Since that time, diagnostics have been carried out to measure environmental sustainability and climate change, urban development, and fiscal sustainability and governance. Action plans are now being developed to address these issues in La Paz. Meet Lucia Frausto, Executive Director of Como Vamos La Paz or read here to Learn more 

Cabo Pulmo/East Cape Growth Assessment

The East Cape of Baja California Sur, Mexico is experiencing development pressure from large-scale and small-scale tourism projects, which bring unplanned and informal population growth to the surrounding areas. This growth can have social and environmental consequences that are not typically measured by traditional project approval processes. ICF commissioned this research in 2014 to estimate the potential financial costs and required services for these new residents. Read the report here.



In FY2018, ICF contributed over $5.41 million in support of environmental programs, including water quality monitoring, marine conservation and habitat conservation initiatives.


$750,000 to strengthen surveillance and enforcement capacity in MPAs of the Gulf of California responds to the recognized need to support environmental and fishing compliance in this world priority marine region. 


Over $460,000 has been granted to the 10 Baja Waterkeepers to support many of their programs, including their water quality monitoring. 


$171,784 to empower citizens through the development of technical, organizational, political and linking capacities to demand better governments, placing the Right of Access to Information and Accountability as a priority in the citizen’s agenda. 


$110,000 to work with communities and other national organizations and environmental organizations to improve the management of Panama territories.  

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ICF has been involved in the most important conservation projects of the past 15 years. We will continue to focus on high-priority coastal sites in Gulf of California, Meso-American Reef and the Eastern Pacific Tropics. You can be a part of the solution when you donate to ICF. 

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