Recovering From Disaster

To the Supporters of ICF’s Baja California Disaster Relief:

I’m writing today to thank you for your support last year during our response to Hurricane Odile in Southern Baja California and to appeal to you for your renewed support this year.

Early predictions for this year range from 7-12 hurricanes and 5-8 major hurricanes in the eastern Pacific where the Baja peninsula is located.

Our goal is to help ICF grantees prepare adequately this year with disaster preparedness grants. ICF will not be able to support all of the requests with existing funds, but we are committed to helping Baja’s civic organizations get ready for hurricane season. If you would like to contribute to ICF’s efforts, please donate.

As we begin to hear reports of storms on their way, memories flood back from the devastating impacts of Hurricane Odile last fall. Over 15,000 people were displaced from high-risk areas; it took weeks to restore electricity and clean water across the state.

In those first few days, ICF’s staff struggled to reach colleagues, grantees, and friends as I’m sure many of you did. Once we were able to establish contact, ICF staff got to work:

Raised over $368,000 from 1,150 donors like you, with gifts ranging from $20 to $20,000. We are grateful to other partners – Solmar Foundation, the Inter-American Development Bank, and Innovaciones Alumbra – who also supported local needs.

Granted out $428,000 to 19 organizations in 4 municipalities for: 1) emergency food, clean water, and clothing; 2) repairs to offices or facilities; and 3) road clearance to ensure that communities were accessible to medical and emergency teams.

Organized a disaster relief working group in Los Cabos to help coordinate activities and leverage support from La Paz and Mexico City.

Contracted the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to train local nonprofits on disaster preparedness at workshops in La Paz and Los Cabos. Over 60 people attended these events.

Helped finance a “doors off” photo and video overflight of the entire Baja California peninsula to assess impacts to remote regions (See National Geographic article).

Offered a 1:1 match in Todos Santos for tree and brush clearance to avoid flooding and fire risks.

And most recently, ICF has offered its grantees up to $5,000 in disaster preparation grants to get ready for the next hurricane season. Please consider a donation to help ICF cover 100% of these requests.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me with questions about the information above at or 619-336-2256. I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,
Anne McEnany
President & CEO
International Community Foundation

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