We are honored to announce that “La Ramona”, a unique monument in the town of El Triunfo, Baja California Sur, was successfully restored after the passage of 100 years that gravely damaged the structure and placed it at risk of partial or total collapse. This historic landmark is now restructured, free from the danger of collapse and is announced to be in excellent condition for decades to come!

We would like to give a great acknowledgment to Corredor Historico CAREM (“CAREM”) for their hard work and dedication to deliver a great job in preserving the cultural heritage and history of the town of El Triunfo, and more importantly of the Baja California Peninsula as a whole! CAREM has managed multiple projects in northern Baja California, however, the completion of “La Ramona” marks their first project in Baja California Sur, which was a successful accomplishment!

A big thank you to our donor, Christy Walton, for her commitment towards raising awareness about the history and development of Baja California Sur and for giving the initial loan to make this entire project a start. Christy acknowledged the urgency for the restoration as the 2018 hurricane season approached and was motivated to raise awareness about the culture, history, development, and diversity of the people and activities of Baja California Sur, as well as addressing the safety issues previously present.  Last but not least, we would like to thank all those individuals and businesses who responded to the community’s need of El Triunfo and became a part of the legacy of sustainable development by donating and participating in our “Adopt-a-Brick” campaign! “Adopt-a-Brick” enables anyone to be a part of this historical and cultural restoration by purchasing a brick in the “La Ramona” structure.

“La Ramona” is now under the protection and supervision on the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH), which will support planned revision including a general clean up, installing fences, benches and tables, and other features to improve the site for locals and future visitors. We are confident that in the coming years “La Ramona” will be a point where people can understand and enjoy the culture and unique history of El Triunfo, Baja California.

With a community inauguration celebration planned for Saturday, October 27th, we are hoping to completely refund the “La Ramona” loan through our “Adopt-a-Brick” program!  In order to support the non-profit effort to respond to communities in need and to become a part of the sustainable development legacy in historically and culturally significant towns such as El Triunfo, Adopt-a-Brick today! Or contact us.

Media Coverage – Diario El Independiente 06/30/2018

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