Battling Climate Change In Mexico

The International Community Foundation honorably supports and funds CERCA-Center for Renewable Energy and Environmental Quality. CERCA is proving itself as a leader in renewable energy and an influential agency to improve environmental quality by presenting energy education to more than 7000 students, advising and accompanying citizens in collective legal action against pollution, and informing the population through their online platform, about issues relating to energy, Mexico air pollution, and health in climate change conditions. Additionally, CERCA created the only autonomous cancer registry operating in Mexico.

Impact of Climate Change in Mexico

In Baja California Sur (BCS), the most polluting sources are automobiles and industrial plants, generating 54% and 34% of emissions, respectively. In comparison, at the national level, the primary sources of pollution are natural – 41%. Of the air pollutants generated in BCS, those from industrial sources are the ones that have the highest contribution with 2.75% of national emissions, whereas natural sources share only 0.05% (CERCA).

Air Pollution In Mexico and Health Issues

Of the reported cases of Acute Respiratory Infections (ARI) in BCS, the highest concentration of respiratory diseases is concentrated in La Paz’s municipality. As the most populated municipalities, La Paz and Los Cabos present the highest number of cases, with 78.79%. Various studies have suggested that air pollutants in Mexico are risk factors for respiratory infections. In the context of the current pandemic, evidence proves that chronic exposure to air pollution may represent a favorable environment for the spread of COVID-19. Air pollution increases the fatality rate in people infected with COVID-19, who also have exposure to air pollution or poor air quality (CERCA).

CERCA is pushing to change the state energy paradigm and support and represent the Baja California Sur (BCS) Energy Transition Strategy. CERCA seeks to further promote and transition BCS energy to a sustainable, clean, and renewable matrix. 

How To Fix Air Pollution In Mexico

  1. Increasing communication campaigns, management, and positioning of environmental strategies
  2. Presenting and representing a united front in advocating for energy that will fulfill the objective of guaranteeing the energy supply while respecting human rights and the environment
  3. Reducing the health impacts of environmental pollution
  4. Improving the region’s potential to transition to renewable energy
  5. Stabilizing energy rates and cost in BCS
  6. Development of an apolitical civil movement throughout the state to spearhead an alliance of civil society, NGOs, academics, business leaders, investors, and all government levels to demand air pollution reduction and make a call for energy sustainability throughout BCS
  7. A monitoring network that indicates the air quality in different parts of a city and represents a health risk
  8. Youth group in Climate Action in BCS to join forces, train and empower young people, defend their rights to a healthy environment, a project of life, and integral development

CERCA is a leader in renewable energy and environmental quality. CERCA brings community awareness and involvement in critical ecological problems. The organization has a reputable reputation in leading the advancement of environmental justice and human rights specifically in relation to air quality. To ensure that Baja residents enjoy a high quality of life and sense of place and support other initiatives related to the environment, please contribute to the ICF Environment Fund.


ICF Environment Fund

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