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Our Grantmaking Philosophy: Investing in Innovative Solutions

Supporting Grants in Mexico Through ICF

Grantmaking is a formal process used to distribute funds or other resources to nonprofits and community organizations. ICF facilitates international grantmaking by connecting our donors to organizations in Mexico that are having a significant impact in their communities, inspiring change, and weaving a stronger civil society.

With 30 years of experience developing and funding international grants, ICF is up-to-date on all IRS and Department of State regulations. We have the knowledge and expertise to identify excellent grantees in the fields of health, education, migration, environment, social development (including family and children’s issues), community & economic development and culture.

As a grantmaking foundation, we can also research and develop grant strategies and recommend timely grantmaking opportunities.


The International Community Foundation Grantmaking Process

ICF grantees are typically identified by our donor advisors, who make grant recommendations, or by our partners who have “friends of” funds with us. As a public foundation, we have limited discretionary funds to distribute to our grantees. For these reasons, ICF does not accept unsolicited nonprofit grant proposals.

Beyond identifying the right organizations to receive grants from our donors, ICF also:

Solicits and reviews proposals and budgets in the organization’s native language

Analyzes proposed projects with our extensive networks and technical knowledge

Makes recommendations to donors on funding levels and targeted activities to support

Follows up with grantees to ensure the funds are being spent as intended

Evaluates progress and results once the project is completed

Offers our donors a full picture of their grant impact with suggestions for moving forward.

Getting Started with International Grants

For international nonprofit organizations:

If you would like to be invited to submit a grant proposal, contact our Fund Manager.

If you would like to provide an incentive for increased giving from your U.S. donors, click here to learn how to set up a “Friends of” Fund.

For donors:

If you’re interested in making a grant through ICF, contact us to learn about setting up a Donor-Advised Fund.

If you already have an established donor-advised fund and would like to approve an online grant recommendation, contact ICF’s Fund Manager, Julie Campos or Lety Martínez our Director of Philanthropy.

Grant Opportunities:

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