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Join Pronatura Noroeste in taking action for a sustainable future in Los Cabos

by | Oct 30, 2020

Admired for their beauty, Los Cabos has been named among the world’s top best travel destinations, and it’s a preferred retirement spot for the U.S. and Canadian citizens looking to wake up every day to a warm, beautiful, and calming second home. However, it’s marine and terrestrial life are being threatened.

Pronatura Noroeste is a civil organization that has helped to conserve more than 300.000 hectares of natural life in northwestern Mexico, preserving the flora, fauna and priority ecosystems for over 30 years, promoting the development of society in harmony with nature.

Pronatura Noroeste engages nature conservation with community development, fulfilling fundamental tasks like restoration and ecosystems conservation, marine surveillance, fishery improvement, governance in natural protected areas, environmental education and protection of endangered species.

Pronatura Noroeste’ scope cover the ecoregions of the Baja California peninsula, Sonora, Sinaloa y Nayarit, the western side of Chihuahua, Durango, Jalisco and Colima, the Gulf of California and its islands, and the economic exclusive zone of Mexico in the Pacific Ocean belonging to the states aforementioned.

Cabo Pulmo, once again threatened:

Considered a remarkable conservation success story, Cabo Pulmo was once critically endangered due to questionable fishing practices and lack of environmental consciousness of both locals and tourists.

Bringing back the majestic diversity and natural beauty to Cabo Pulmo has been a combined effort of over 20 years, led by Pronatura Noroeste, with the local community and Mexican authorities educating, promoting sustainable practices, and supporting the protection and conservation of what is known today as Cabo Pulmo’s National Marine Park.

After all these efforts, the natural wealth of Cabo Pulmo is once again threatened by factors such as the lack of state resources caused by the impact of the COVID-19 in Mexico and the strong development of real estate and construction to meet the tourist demand, among others.

These turquoise waters that mark the hearts of hundreds of thousands of people who visit it annually are urgently needing everyone’s attention. Conservation initiatives are exhaustive and expensive as they also involve the continued education of tourists and the local community.

Education and collective conscience for San José del Cabo:

The San José River runs through the mountains of southern Baja California to the edge of the Sea of Cortez, joining fresh water with the sea, and forms this spectacular estuary that is home to hundreds of species of marine life in a unique ecosystem. However, not everything is so beautiful: the estuary today is heavily polluted and endangered.

Pronatura works constantly every day to prevent this vital and unique area from deteriorating to the point of being lost. Education and collective conscience are essential to not lose San José del Cabo.

Your charitable support can help promote the development of practices compatible with the protection of the natural wealth, improve planning and education for conservation. Nature is our greatest gift and it’s our job to protect it and to take care of it. For more information about Pronatura Noroeste’ conservation and preservation programs in Los Cabos, visit the website.


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