Ludotecas For Migrant Children

Since the beginning of 2021, the number of migrant children reported in Mexico has drastically increased from 380 to nearly 3,500. Children are amongst the most vulnerable people in the world, and for many, their futures are limited by violence. When children migrate, their access to the Right to Play is violated.  

 Three organizations, Fondo Unido México – United Way, This is About Humanity, and the International Community Foundation, formed a partnership to create and support education spaces (Ludotecas) for migrant children in 7 shelters in the border region of Mexico. There has been a ludoteca built in Guadalajara, Los Cabos, and there are four more ludotecas opening in November in Baja California Sur. 

What is a Ludoteca?

A ludoteca is an organized education and playing space, intended for the integral development of children and adolescents, whose center of interest is for them to learn through the power of play. It is directed by people trained as ludoteca librarians and through them, children can work on psychomotor skills, language, sociability, cognitive and emotional capacities, specific knowledge, creativity, and fun. Using all forms of play – games, dramatization sets, reading and music corners, performance, and among others – this alliance will create a lasting impact and empower children with the knowledge and skills to drive change in their lives, families, and communities. 

Who are Ludotecas for?

Many vulnerable migrant children live in shelters with limited space. Ludotecas inspire these children to acquire skill sets and aspire to have a better quality of life. These education centers in Mexico take children from a place of uncertainty and vulnerability to a safe and happy place. This migrant education program allows these children to experience continuous learning especially since their journeys both before they reach these shelters and after they leave them are fraught with uncertainty.

How To Support Ludotecas & Migrant Education Programs

Join us in commemorating children in Mexico. We are so excited to announce our 2:1 matching grant campaign in partnership with Fondo Unido – United Way México and This Is About Humanity to create Education Spaces for children in 7 different migrant shelters in Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.  For each dollar you donate, these four organizations will each match every dollar you give until we reach our goal of $115,000.00. Donate today to support every child’s right to play, develop, and continue learning on their migrant journey. 

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