A school girl walks against a bright pink wall
A school girl walks against a bright pink wall

2016 by the Numbers: Education

At ICF, we believe every child deserves to receive an education. With the right teachers and resources, children not only learn how to become successful members of society, but unlock their full potential; increasing their chances of a living a fulfilling life.

Unfortunately, not every child has access to a quality education. Mexico struggles constantly with limited teachers, suspected corruption, and disparity in the education system. Only 45% of children in Mexico complete high school, and with such a low graduation rate, it’s no wonder 20% of youth aged 15-29 are out of school and unemployed.

To fight back against these detrimental statistics, ICF works to raise funding for organizations in the region that offer curriculum enhancements, after-school programs, and training opportunities.  

Supporting the Future of Mexico by Supporting Its Youth

The obstacles to education in Mexico range from cultural barriers for the country’s indigenous populations, to gender inequality and governmental budget cuts. The Sea of Cortez and Baja California Peninsula regions, in particular, face significant challenges with schooling. Not only is there a severe lack of investment in the public sector, but an absence of involvement from teachers leads to high student dropout rates.

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, in the fiscal year 2016, ICF contributed a total of $1.37 million in educational grants to support organizations bettering education across Mexico. For more information on our efforts, read our full annual report for FY2016.

Here are just some of the highlights, illustrating the impact our donors helped us accomplish in 2015 and 2016:

  • Granted $4,700,000 to 25 education programs in Mexico
  • Provided 914 students with scholarships
  • Helped 304 children access Early Childhood Education programs
  • Enabled 372 students to participate in after-school programs such as art, music, and sports
  • Supported library services and activities for 7,900 children

One of the greatest outcomes of our educational funding efforts was a new agreement signed in 2016, between the secretary of education for the state of Baja California Sur and the organization Enseña por México. The newly established agreement allowed 50 new teachers from Enseña por México to start offering their expertise in schools throughout La Paz.

Join Us to Create a Brighter Tomorrow

We are committed to raising additional funds for Enseña por México and other education initiatives in Mexico, to expand their reach and bring more opportunities to underserved communities. When it comes to inspiring and supporting the generations of the future, the power of a successful education strategy can't be underestimated.

Visit our website to learn more about our current education initiatives or to donate to any of our funds. With your help, every child can access the education they need.


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